Strengthen manufacturing, optimize tourism and refine service industry Future planning
Chengdu JiaoLong Port, the 500 largest Chinese private enterprise, has been expanding its innovation and implementing the five major development ideas of innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing proposed by general secretary Xi Jinping. After the first successful transformation and upgrading of the coastal city of China's 4A class tourist destination, it has implemented five major development concepts: innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing. The TOD mode has been built to build a sea, two islands and three centers. Cultural tourism center, CBD Center) + urban functional supporting area, strive to build a new industrial highland, new cultural and tourism landmark, core business circle and high-end talent gathering area for the region, truly build a "happy city" with bluer sky, clearer water and greener land for the people of the region, make positive contributions to the high-quality economic development of the region and become a bright business card of the region.
Industry focus center
Single family headquarters, economic cluster, intelligent manufacturing Industrial Park

Reflect the maximum centralized and economical land use mode. A forest and ecological office area will be built on the roof. The production materials will be directly transported to each floor of the factory by cars to achieve centralized treatment of waste gas, dust and noise. The waste water enters the rain sewage diversion pipe network to the sewage treatment plant for centralized treatment, so as to achieve zero discharge and zero pollution. If the weather is hot or the haze is serious If the air quality is not up to standard, this area can be turned into a beautiful place through intelligent rainfall.

CBD Center
Shopping center, class A office buildings, international five-star hotel
The planned project will focus on Jirong, commerce, culture, service and business office, and build an international star hotel with animal elements. Introduce urban public space, replace streets with elevators and vertical transportation, and transform from a single transportation and commercial function to an international creative office, entertainment, sightseeing and other comprehensive urban core level.
Cultural Tourism Center
Seaside city ocean world theme park, seaside city spirit Kingdom Theme Park

Guided by the cultural tourism industry, it is planned to build a national AAAAA tourist attraction, and independently design and build two modern theme parks integrating participation, appreciation, entertainment and interest - Haibin City submarine ocean Kingdom and Haibin City submarine Ocean Park. Attract more foreign tourists, vigorously develop tourism and drive the coordinated development of related industries.

Urban comprehensive supporting area
TOD mode residential area

Plan and build high-end residential buildings in TOD mode, retain high-end talents, make efficient use of floor space, and build a supporting area integrating life and ecology.

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