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Flood control system

Jiaolong Port Management Committee has invested more than 30 million yuan to build an underground flood control system with the largest inner diameter in China in order to solve the problem of flood discharge in Jiaolong port Shuangliu Park in the rainy season every year, separate rain and sewage, and ensure the safety of life and property of residents and enterprises in the park.

Jiaolong port breaks the conventional construction mode of underground pipe network and creates an underground flood control system with a total length of 2km, a width of 3.2m and a height of 2.6m. All sewage pipe network, water supply pipeline, strong current, weak current and other facilities are collected and arranged in an orderly manner. In case of severe rainstorm, it will play the role of flood drainage for the whole park. The inner diameter is large enough for maintenance personnel to drive in and repair and maintain equipment and facilities. Completely change the past history of "rain row can't win, maintenance depends on crawling, pulling one to start the whole body".

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