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110kV Substation

With the continuous development of enterprises in jiaolonggang Shuangliu Park, the continuous improvement of residents' living standards, the further promotion of jiaolonggang industry city integration construction and the continuous increase of power consumption in the park, the original 110 kV Substation in the park can no longer meet the development needs of jiaolonggang Shuangliu park. The construction of a new 110 kV substation invested by jiaolonggang Shuangliu park has officially started, The project covers an area of 3.92 mu, a construction area of 2412 square meters and a total installed capacity of 100000 KVA (kVA). The successful operation of 110kV substation not only solves the power demand of jiaolonggang Shuangliu Park, ensures the normal production and living power consumption of enterprises in the park and more than 100000 residents, provides sufficient power for the operation of Chengdu seaside city, a national AAAA tourist attraction, but also saves 50000 KVA capacitance for Shuangliu area and alleviates the power consumption pressure of areas around jiaolonggang, It also gives residents a cool summer.

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