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Founded in 2000, Chengdu Jiaolong port is invested and developed by Hong Kong Jiaolong group. At present, Chengdu jiaolonggang Qingyang Park and Chengdu jiaolonggang Shuangliu park have been successfully built in Chengdu, which is the first industrial park invested, developed, managed and operated by private enterprises in China. According to the principles of independent construction, independent operation and independent management, after more than ten years of development, the industry's original "Jiaolong model" has been formed, which provides a replicable and innovative sample for Sichuan Province to promote the construction of the pilot zone for overall urban and rural comprehensive supporting reform.

In order to realize the sustainable development of the park, Jiaolong port has built complete infrastructure and supporting facilities, and built infrastructure and livelihood projects such as running water park (sewage treatment plant), 110kV substation, flood control system (underground pipe gallery), Baihe landscape corridor, road white to black, exhibition center, cultural center, film theater, hospital, nine-year compulsory education school, etc. At present, Chengdu Jiaolong port has won many titles such as "top 500 private enterprises in China", "excellent private enterprises in Sichuan Province", "top 100 private enterprises in Sichuan", "top 100 private enterprises in Sichuan", and has been listed as "demonstration area for centralized industrial development in Chengdu" and "demonstration point for non-public economic unification in Chengdu"; Up to now, the park has introduced more than 2380 enterprises, and the resident population has exceeded 120000.

Industrial Park Development
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