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Haibin City, a national AAAA tourist attraction, was invested and built by Hong Kong Jiaolong group. It was grandly opened on December 31, 2014, with a total commercial volume of 270000 m2. With the Guinness world record breaking Haohai cubic aquarium as the core, it integrates the first indoor geocentric Jurassic dinosaur music Park in China, Boeing 737 Flight Club, Haibin ouyuezhen ice rink, Haibin City 4D cinema Parent-child paradise and other characteristic business forms are a commercial tourism complex integrating tourism, food, leisure, shopping, entertainment and other functions.

The concept of "going to the world, playing at sea and shopping at sea" was put forward for the first time in Chengdu seaside city. While traveling, you can fully enjoy the unique charm of sea, land and air shopping center, realize a unique new experience mode of creative shopping, and create a new era of commercial tourism complex.

Cultural Tourism Center
Haohai cubic Ocean Park

Haibin city aquarium is located in the national 4A scenic spot Chengdu Haibin city. It is a Guinness record aquarium built by Hong Kong Jiaolong group and international top teams. It is the most distinctive new landmark project in Southwest China and the largest single aquarium in the world. The aquarium has 33000 marine organisms, and the water storage capacity of the main trough is up to 15000m ³, Its acrylic viewing window is 40 meters long and 8.3 meters high. It is the ocean viewing window setting the Guinness world record. In the ocean trough, you can walk into the 40 meter long undersea tunnel and look up at thousands of sea fish swimming in the sky; You can take a submarine and overlook the mysterious underwater world; You can wear professional diving equipment and swim with whale sharks in the ocean trough! You can also have zero distance contact with sea lions and seals, happy and interesting performance projects, interactive marine education projects and high-tech supporting facilities, so that the whole aquarium can reach the world's top level.

Seaside city ice rink
The arc shadow of the ice skate is lightning, and the posture is graceful. The swallow flies through it.

the real ice rink of Chengdu seaside city is the only real ice rink of international standard events in Southwest China, with an ice surface area of 1300 m2. In addition to daily skating and ice training, Haibin real ice rink also undertakes ice hockey events, figure skating, ice wedding and other ice themed activities. It is the most popular fitness and entertainment place for young people, so that you can feel the feeling of dancing and flying on the ice. Meanwhile, the double-layer food city around the ice rink allows you to feast your eyes and enjoy delicious food and food at the same time. The delicious food temptation on the tip of the tongue and the visual dynamic feast bring us unique enjoyment.

Flight experience center

The ROC rises with the wind and soars up to 90000 miles.

At present, Chengdu seaside city has the only Boeing 737 simulator center in Southwest China. It employs professional certified pilots for flight teaching to create the most real air experience for customers. The 1:1 flight operation scene is reproduced, and multiple routes are available for you to choose. Regular school flight activities provide fixed-point simulation and training bases for aviation colleges, It will directly pull into the distance between the high-end experience and the people, and realize the dream of flying the plane yourself.
Seaside city cinema
The 4dmax cinema in Haibin city adopts full laser projection, which has higher color gray expression ability and strong image hierarchy, which greatly enhances the three-dimensional effect; The cinema not only introduces special effects such as vibration, falling, blowing, water spraying, scratching and leg sweeping, but also carefully designs effects such as smoke, rain, photoelectric, bubble and smell according to the scene of the film, forming a unique experience. When watching 4D films, the audience can get all-round feelings such as vision, hearing, touch and smell! Let you enjoy the fun of watching movies while shopping and playing.
Sky greenway (ELF Kingdom)

"Sky Ludao elf kingdom" is a large-scale air park integrating leisure, entertainment and interaction. It absorbs the inspiration of high-quality projects in top amusement parks at home and abroad, caters to the preferences of many domestic tourists, and creates high-quality experience projects such as dark riding, dynamic platform, Ar + VR, talk show and so on. All projects are jointly built by the world's top design companies. Each project has unique highlights and immersive entertainment experience.

The Kingdom has 12 invention patents and hundreds of precious trees introduced from home and abroad. Visitors to the kingdom will temporarily break away from the real society and enter another wonderful fairy world, stay away from secular disturbances, experience childlike fun and happiness, enter the colorful fairy tale kingdom and feel the mysterious fairy country and the dreamy Fairy world.
Geocentric Jurassic dinosaur paradise
Chengdu seaside city geocentric Jurassic dinosaur park is the first indoor dinosaur theme park in China. The overall creativity focuses on "interaction", "science and technology", "sightseeing" and "popular science", experiencing the perfect combination of science and technology and art, science fiction and reality. The museum has rich vegetation types and high coverage. The walls in the museum are more characteristic. The dinosaur fossils are integrated into it, which has a sense of age, as if it had passed through the Jurassic era. The perfect integration of vegetation and 5D screen is like a forest. Here, you will be far away from the noise of the city, accompanied by all kinds of vegetation and dinosaurs in ancient times, equipped with all kinds of lights and unique sound effects, so that the whole scene is vivid.
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