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Running water park

Economic development and environment affect and restrict each other. Aggressive development at the cost of environment in exchange for economic benefits is common, and the proper treatment of sewage and wastewater in the process of development is closely related to people's health and living environment. How to turn the ubiquitous mutual restraint between economy and environment into harmonious symbiosis and realize sustainable development?

Since its establishment, Jiaolong port has been committed to building a resource-saving and environment-friendly park. In order to make economic development and the environment coexist harmoniously, Jiaolong Port Management Committee planned and built the first phase of the sewage treatment plant in advance. With the needs of industrial transformation and upgrading of the park, it immediately invested heavily in introducing Singapore technology to build the second phase of the sewage treatment plant - Jiaolong port live water park. Jiaolong live water park and sewage treatment plant with a daily treatment capacity of 30000 tons covers an area of 30 mu and a total investment of 120 million yuan. It is a key project for Chengdu Jiaolong port to build a resource-saving and environment-friendly park. In June 2009, the project was officially launched. In just eight months, the project has been completed and put into trial operation in February 2010.

the wastewater treatment plant of Jiaolong live water park centrally treats the enterprise production wastewater and residents' domestic wastewater in the whole Shuangliu Park, and adopts anoxic and anaerobic oxidation ditch process (A2 / O process) to treat the treated water according to the content and proportion of various material components of the sewage in the park, The water quality meets the class a standard in the national discharge standard of pollutants for urban sewage treatment (GB18918-2002), realizing the reuse of reclaimed water.

Jiaolong live water park sewage treatment plant is equipped with a full set of intelligent control system, monitoring system and online monitoring system, which can monitor the operation of the sewage treatment plant at any time in the central control room. The water quality monitor will take water samples from the water inlet, aeration tank and outlet of the sewage treatment plant from time to time every day for testing and analysis, so as to supervise the water quality to meet the standard

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