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Nine-year free compulsory education school

In the era of rapid economic development, migrant workers have made great contributions to the development of urban economy, but migrant workers are also the most direct source of the problem of rural left behind children. The urban-rural dual structure makes it impossible for migrant workers to take care of their children for a long time. The problem of left behind children has not only become a worry for migrant farmers, but also has a great impact on the physical and mental health of growing children.

As a responsible enterprise, Jiaolong port invested 42 million yuan to build a nine-year compulsory education school in the park, Jiaolong port five-star school, which can accommodate more than 2000 children. The school officially opened on September 1, 2009. The school has an overall planning area of 29.88 Mu and a construction area of 10471.29 m2. It is planned to build hardware facilities such as teaching building, 200m plastic track and field playground, indoor rain and rain playground and canteen. The whole campus has beautiful environment and excellent facilities. It has all kinds of functional facilities, such as health care room, music and dance room, art room, library, reading room, chemistry laboratory, physics laboratory, computer room and so on. In order to make students of different heights more comfortable, the school has also specially customized lifting desks. In addition, each classroom is also equipped with multimedia rear projection, and cold and warm air conditioning will be installed to give children humanized care. Jiaolong Management Committee strictly requires the school to have a high starting point in hardware facilities and complete supporting software construction. With reference to the outline of basic education curriculum reform issued by the Ministry of education and in accordance with the requirements of "first-class equipment and facilities", Jiaolong Management Committee will continue to invest in the later stage to run the nine-year compulsory education school well, so that students can fully enjoy high-quality educational resources.

The construction of Jiaolong port nine-year compulsory education school has solved the worries of workers, farmers and migrant workers in the port, so that "left behind children" can live happily with their parents, enjoy equal and high-quality educational resources in the park, and the children can grow up healthily.

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