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With the successful construction of Jiaolong port in Chengdu, Jiaolong people not only have rich experience in the construction of the park, but also with the successful construction of industrial transformation and upgrading projects such as the national AAAA scenic spot coastal city, and complete infrastructure, Jiaolong port has successfully transformed from a single industrial park to a urban complex, which has accumulated rich experience for the comprehensive development of the city.

Under the new economic normal, Hongkong dragon group has never stopped the pace of innovation, constantly innovating and innovating, and thoroughly implemented the five development concepts of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing put forward by general secretary Xi Jinping. In order to build a park city of ecological civilization in TOD mode, we should build a cultural tourism center, CBD center and a city functional supporting area.

Jiaolong people adhere to the development concept of "people-oriented" and "integration of industry and city", combined with the needs of "three lives" (production, life and Ecology), and through "three forms" (new ecology, new business form and new mentality), make the cooperation area a gathering place for business, culture and tourism, enterprise headquarters and high-end talents, so as to achieve the best environment, benefit and image, It has been recognized by the government, citizens and tourists, continuously enhance the sense of acquisition, happiness and belonging of regional citizens, build a happy industrial new city with bluer sky, clearer water, greener land, suitable for industry, business and residence, and become a bright business card of the region!
Industrial Park Development
Founded in 2000, Chengdu Jiaolong port is invested and developed by Hong Kong Jiaolong group. At present, Chengdu jiaolonggang Qingyang Park and Chengdu jiaolonggang Shuangliu park have been successfully built in Chengdu, which is the first industrial park invested, developed, managed and operated by private enterprises in China.
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CBD Center
According to the principles of independent construction, independent operation and independent management, after more than ten years of development, the industry's original "Jiaolong model" has been formed, which provides a replicable and innovative sample for Sichuan Province to promote the construction of the pilot zone for overall urban and rural comprehensive supporting reform.
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Cultural Tourism Center
Haibin City, a national AAAA tourist attraction, is invested and built by Hong Kong Jiaolong group. With the Guinness world record breaking aquarium as the core, it integrates the first indoor geocentric Jurassic dinosaur paradise in China, Boeing 737 Flight Club, Haibin real ice rink, 4D cinema, parent-child paradise and other characteristic businesses. It integrates tourism, food, leisure, shopping Entertainment and other multi-functional commercial tourism complex.
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