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Exhibition Center

Since the establishment of Chengdu Jiaolong industrial port in 2000, adhering to the guiding ideology of "seeking truth from facts and development is the last word", Jiaolong people have created the "Jiaolong model" of "one party building and four parties making profits" with innovative thinking and advanced concept, opened up a new way for private economy to run industrial parks, and provided reference experience for the national comprehensive reform experiment of urban and rural planning.

Jiaolong Exhibition Center is a platform for all-round exhibition of Chengdu Jiaolong port. It provides visitors with more official, systematic and diversified details of the park; Through high-tech means and in-depth cultural connotation, Jiaolong industrial port will show people from multiple angles the innovative and advanced spiritual and cultural heritage of Jiaolong, the remarkable achievements made by Jiaolong people in promoting the development of urban-rural integration, and the successful experience of the "Jiaolong model" for solving "agriculture, rural areas and farmers", It will play an important role in investigating and learning the "Jiaolong model". The whole exhibition center has an investment of more than 60 million yuan and a construction area of about 6000 square meters. It is constructed with full-color steel frame structure. The architectural design is three floors. The first floor is mainly composed of Jiaolong sand table, Jiaolong exhibition hall and rest experience area; The second floor mainly focuses on administrative office and conference reception.

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