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Adaption of Baihe River
Jiaolong port ecological and environmental protection experimental area

The Jiaolong section of Baihe River is located in the upper reaches of Baihe River. Before the development of Jiaolong port, Baihe River was just a small ditch with cross flow of sewage and overgrown weeds. People's production and domestic garbage, sewage and wastewater are dumped and discharged into the Baihe River, emitting bursts of stench, which makes the nearby residents unbearable. The environmental construction and sewage treatment of Baihe River are closely related to Shuangliu people. In order to build an environment-friendly Park, protect the ecological environment, make the treated Baihe become the highlight of the industrial port and Shuangliu, and become the mother river feeding Shuangliu people, Jiaolong port spent 40 million yuan to build the ecological environment on both sides of the Baihe River. After nearly a year of building, Baihe has changed its old appearance and radiated vitality. Today, the Baihe River has changed from a smelly ditch several meters wide to a clear river 28 meters wide. The river is rippling, clear and flexible. The world's longest stainless steel handrails have been built on both sides of the river, shaded by green trees, red flowers and green grass. Unknown birds have also camped here, bred and multiplied. The garbage is gone and the odor is gone. Instead, a variety of precious plant belts and ginkgo trees.

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