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"demonstration site of United Front Work of non-public economy in Chengdu"
"Tongxin harbor" of Jiaolong port in Chengdu
Guided by the nineteen spirit of the party and Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with China's characteristics, we must resolutely implement the spirit of the provincial Party committee and the Municipal Committee of the Party committee and the whole committee. In accordance with the work idea of "party building leading, United Front cohesion, sharing and service development", the construction of the United Front Work System in the "1234" park is carried out in the construction of Chengdu's dragon harbor park. The "Great United Front" work pattern of the park has been formed to pool wisdom and strength to promote the economic and social development of the park, fully integrate and fully serve the construction of National Airport Economic Demonstration Zone. Build one brand, two alliances, three platforms and four positions through the concentric harbor work system of "1234" in the park.

Chengdu jiaolonggang Park established its Party committee in 2009, with seven party branches and more than 100 party members. Under the guidance of the organization Department of the district Party committee and the United Front Work Department of the district Party committee, closely follow the red theme of Party construction, deeply implement the five red projects of establishing red archives, cultivating red pioneers, creating red positions, activating red cells and establishing red networks, and accurately carry out four red services to serve party members, the masses, enterprises and society. Adhere to the principle of "leading the United Front with Party building and promoting party building with the United Front", give full play to the role of the two new party organizations and promote the United Front Work in the park as a whole. The Party committee of the park was rated as "advanced grass-roots party organization" in 2011.
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