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Culture Center

Jiaolong port cultural center is located on the right side of Jiaolong Avenue in Shuangliu Park of Jiaolong port. It is one of the key projects of Hong Kong to accelerate the construction of urban-rural integration and build a harmonious park. It is an important platform to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of more than 100000 Hong Kong people and urban and rural residents. The project was officially launched in June 2009. After only one year of construction, the whole project has been completed with high standards and high quality, It was put into use in June 2010.

Jiaolonggang cultural center has an overall construction area of 16000 ㎡, with more than 600 open-air and underground parking spaces. Focusing on the theme of five-star cinema, the cultural center plans cinemas, entertainment halls, cafes, Western restaurants, KTV, self-service banks and other projects. Among them, the cinema has invested nearly 120 million to build, covering an area of more than 6000 m2, with 4 floors, 9 cinemas and more than 1100 seats. It is equipped with free central air conditioning system, global synchronous 2.3g digital delivery technology and logic7 technology. It is decorated according to the super five-star decoration standard to create a high-quality spiritual and cultural life platform for Hong Kong people, citizens and tourists in the park.

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