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Hong Kong Jiaolong group
HongKong Dragon Group Limited was established in 1998 in Hong Kong. Possessing outstanding managers and excellent team, the Group strives to provide perfect development platform for enterprises. HongKong Dragon Group helps those enterprises to expand infinite development space. International trade and foreign investment are the core business of the Group. Thanks to the powerful strength and visionary perspective, the Group internationalizes its development, making its service extend to China Mainland, Europe, America, Vietnam and India etc. The Group strives to establish powerful and excellent brands. Among them, Dragon Group has successfully developed two industrial parks in Chengdu Sichuan(Chengdu Jiaolong Port Shuangliu Park and Qingyang Park) to assist more than 1000 enterprises' expansion and development, which receives positive approval from Chengdu municipal party committee and government.
Chengdu Jiaolong port

Invested and developed by Hong Kong Jiaolong group, Chengdu Jiaolong port is the first private industrial park in China,Two parks (jiaolonggang Qingyang Park and jiaolonggang Shuangliu Park) have been successfully built in Chengdu.

At present, the park has introduced more than 2380 enterprises, with an annual output value and sales revenue of more than 30 billion yuan, an annual tax paid of more than 600 million yuan and a permanent resident population of more than 120000. It has been listed as "China's top 500 private enterprises" for eight consecutive years, and has been listed as "Chengdu Industrial centralized development demonstration zone" and "Chengdu non-public economy united front work demonstration site".

Its first industrial transformation and upgrading project, "national AAAA tourist attraction" - seaside city, received more than 100 million tourists from 2015 to 2019. Since its establishment, Chengdu Jiaolong port has always adhered to the enterprise philosophy of "limited wealth, unlimited innovation" and "feasible at present and predictable in the future", adhered to the principle of "people-oriented", built a complete infrastructure, and developed from a single private industrial park to the first private port city park integrating property and city in China.

location advantage
Jiaolonggang Qingyang Park

Jiaolonggang Qingyang park is located in Wenjia, Qingyang District, one of the "ten charming towns" in Chengdu. It is six kilometers away from the urban area of Chengdu. It is located in the suburbs of Chengdu and has superior geographical advantages. In addition, the park is located within the outer ring road of Chengdu, outside the Third Ring Road, to the south of the West extension line of Yangshi street, to the north of Riyue Avenue, and close to Riyue Avenue, Chengdu Wenzhou Qiongzhou Expressway and Wenjia overpass of ring expressway. Several trunk lines extend in all directions and the traffic is very convenient.

Jiaolong port Shuangliu Park

Jiaolong port Shuangliu park is five kilometers away from the downtown of Chengdu. It is located in Shuangnan Avenue, close to Shuangliu County - five-star cinema and hotel, performing arts center, international tennis event center, golf course, gymnasium, Baihe Park, bank securities, shopping mall and Qianjia street. It is close to the traffic artery, integrating politics, economy, culture and transportation, The first opportunity area has become the best entrepreneurial territory for the urban elite. Shuangliu International Airport can be easily reached in 10 minutes. The transportation network extending in all directions has created this out of print area that can not be copied. With obvious location advantages and convenient transportation, it is an ideal place for enterprise investment and development.
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