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Brief Introduction of the Coast City

Basic Information about the Project
¡¡¡¡Located in the JiaoLong Port Shuangliu Park, the Seaside City is invested by HongKong Dragon Group as much as 6 billion Yuan, which is the key project for the industrial transformation and upgrading of JiaoLong Port Shuangliu Park. The project is constructed diligently by a world-known design team; the management training is conducted by DTZ, which is one of ¡°Big Five¡± in international real estate consultation; The overall business volume reaches 1,020,000 ©O, among which there are a 270,000 ©O shopping center, a 250,000 ©O office building, a 400,000 ©O parking structure and a 100,000 ©O five-star hotel. With no predecessors, the shopping center introduces different business types with a brand new theme, including "The Sea of Dragon"- an oceanarium which is going to break the Guinness World Records , the first helicopter club in Asia, an Ouyue Real Ice Rink which is qualified to host world-class matches, a giant-screen cinema which is able to absorb 5,000 people to watch the movie simultaneously and an International Five Star Hotel etc. A separated parking structure is creatively built, creating additional 16,000 parking spaces for the shopping center, which enables people to enjoy more comfortable parking experience.
¡¡¡¡Seaside City Shopping Mall will re-create a consumption pattern from tradition, building an urban complex integrated with shopping, amusement, leisure, catering, accommodation and tourism. Seaside City proposes creative one-stop consumption concept, making high-quality and fashionable lives.

Unique Business Types
The Sea of Dragon- Oceanarium

- Unique shopping experience with Oceanarium in the Mall
- Individual aquarium which is going to break the Guinness World Records.
- The unique indoor oceanarium with diving qualification in Asia
- The unique shopping center with oceanarium in China
- The unique free oceanarium in China
- Located at B Zone of shopping mall in Seaside City, The world class aquarium project gathers different expect teams around the world. The aquarium is jointly created by HongKong Dragon Group Limited, the famous Australia company which specifically engaged in international aquarium projects - Advanced Aquarium Technologies Limited, Australia's leading architectural design company ¨C Crossley Architects PTY Ltd., and the world-known acrylic panel manufacturer ¨C Nippura Co. Ltd.With the largest acrylic viewing area in the world, over 10,000 m³ of water storage and ten thousands of marine organisms, The Sea of Dragon overpasses previous indoor oceanarium world-record holder- Singapore S.E.A Oceanarium. One side of the oceanarium is free for tourists; besides, we will arrange various fantastic activities to enrich the experiences of visitors, such as sleeping with sharks, creature foster caring, undersea ballet shows and time capsule etc; in addition, we will also introduce submarine for underwater sightseeing, making personal sea experience to the tourisms.

The Unique Real Ice Rink Qualified to Host World-Class Matches in Southwest China- Ouyue Ice Stadium
¡¡¡¡It is the pioneer of the industry which is surrounded by Food Street, enabling people to enjoy the experience in all directions. The rink is able to host all kinds of matches, it helps increasing media exposure and expanding commercial value. The marriage on the ice, gourmet festival on the ice attracts young and fashionable consumer groups for the shopping center.
¡¡¡¡It is the unique ice stadium that is qualified to host international standard matches in southwest of China, which has 1500©O ice coverage area. The stadium is equipped with top-class ice clear equipment, making the ice as even as the mirror in 24-hour.

The First Free Giant-Screen Theme Cinema in Top-Class in China
¡¡¡¡The cinema is able to contain 5,000 people. The Shopping Center Reward Scheme is initially created, and 200 million Yuan of cinema tickets are sent as reward to consumers annually. Since then, a new era of¡°free¡± movies watching is initiated, and the scheme will be able to stimulate 2 billion Yuan of shopping consumption every year.

Firstly Created Flying Culture Experience Center
¡¡¡¡Free photo taking with helicopter,provides new promotion channel for merchants. Air marriage is available in the center, and extraordinarily special plane experience is provided for VIPs, stimulating consuming desires of medium and high-end consumer group and promoting the secondary consumption.

International Five-star Hotel- Marriott Five-star Hotel
¡¡¡¡We perfectly introduce the five-star hotel in the city, striving to create a new life for this city. A new warm home is built for the business travelers and tourists, provides them high-end quality and excellent services . The hotel is right next to the 270,000 ©O of large scale shopping center and the oceanarium which is going to break the Guinness World Records,The twin towers structure of Seaside City will become another core landmark.¡°Sky Bar¡± cuts through highly, and elaborately established ¡°helicopter club¡± breaks the traditional hotel style,promoting the grace of hotel culture and flying culture.

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